Owners of Undamaged Homes are NEXT RESPONDERS in Recovery

Sonoma County housing costs have increased on average 20% or more in the 2 months after the fire storm FOR EVERYONE.  Few people can afford this. To mitigate that impact we need to create more housing units now for local residents and visiting contractors that will outnumber the people displaced.

City and county leaders have given us emergency housing policy and now it is up to us to adopt it and reverse the market pricing trends.  Television, radio and newspapers can play a very important role in the recovery too by sharing this story.

To aid the relief effort, RVsWithoutBorders.org donated an RV to a family with triplets that are 1.5 years old. The parents have been sleeping in a cab-over camper due to their unique situation while the kids slept in the house bedroom after being displaced by the Redwood Complex Fire on October 8th.

Here’s our full story covered by Rob Malcolm and Will Finson at KTVU (This is the original story which is a bit longer on their website.) I’m so grateful they shared our story so that we can help others.

We have more RVs to offer, but without a permit, we won’t offer an RV. We value our relationship with the building departments and being allowed to do this is based on trust to work with them to help others within the framework they offer.

If you have a property available to home host an RV, please visit RVsWithoutBorders.org/Host.  You will be given some applicants to consider,  tools to screen your new friends, forms to create a landlord-tenant relationship and guidance on obtaining a temporary dwelling permit.  This information can be found by reading our emergency housing guide here at TipsFromSurvivors.org/RVGuide

It is important to celebrate the HEROES OF ECONOMIC RECOVERY which are property owners offering their properties at or below market rates and the building departments that are working hard to support this.

We owe a special thanks to the County of Sonoma and Mendocino, and the cities of Windsor, Healdsburg, Sebastopol and Cloverdale building departments for quickly embracing temporary housing and leading the way toward recovery. ~ Hope is more than a feeling. Hope is about being empowered with options to thrive and recover.

Disaster recovery reminds me of the spirit of Christmas, by showing gratitude and kindness toward others… and to help where you can. 

I hope the spirit of Christmas can be with us every day!

Find out more about the RV donated by watching this video below.
RVsWithoutBorders donated an RV to a family displaced by the recent firestorms at “The Annual Living Room Chili Cook-Off & Toy Drive.” This was one of the happiest moments of my life seeing a dream come true, the way I imagined it could be.

This was an event to cherish. Held at the Farmer’s Grange in Sebastopol, there was unlimited good cheer and tastings of homemade chili, a silent auction, games for kids big and small, live music and more to help fire survivors and the previously homeless served by The Living Room Center.

Learn more about hosting an RV by visiting: RVsWithoutBorders.org/host

For further information please contact us by following this link