Donate RV

We regret to inform you that RVs Without Borders is shuttered at this time.


If you have an RV that you would like to donate permanently to help someone made homeless by the fires, please input your information to the form below. We will arrange for you to donate your RV to a local 501(c)(3) non-profit that can provide the tax deduction letter.  (Several municipalities are asking for 1997 or newer as a condition for the permit.)

Also consider that this might be unlike any “charitable contribution” you have ever made because unlike writing a check, you can be directly connected with one person/family in a manner that changes their lives. You will personally experience the big impact you can make and probably make new lifelong friends.

Inspections of RVs prior to transfer is important, not because we want perfect RVs, but because it is important for recipients to know the condition of the asset for which they accept responsibility. Also in the past, unfortunately, a small percentage of donors viewed this as an opportunity to discard RVs that were un-sellable on the open market and probably headed for a junk yard.

This is what you can anticipate in our process as we move forward.  We have done this before and documented how.  This situation is VERY DYNAMIC and challenging, so the more organized you are with this information, the more effective we can be in helping those that need it.

Helpful Documents Phase 1

  • Pictures of RV (Inside kitchen, bath, interior ceiling (especially near front and rear)(Exterior sides, corners and roof.)
  • Completed RV Inspection Sheet (We will send this to you after we review your communication.  We will review your RV personally, but you can help us help more people, if you do this in advance.)

Helpful Documents Phase 2 (Please be ready for the next step)

  • Inventory sheet with approximate value of donations. (Some of you may wish to stock your RV with typical supplies they will need. If any significant personal items are offered with your donation, it can be included in your deductible charitable donation. When we have a moment, we will publish a suggested list for you.)
  • Gather pictures. Be sure to document all damaged spots. INSIDE (kitchen, bath, RV manufacturer tags, VIN interior ceiling – especially near front and rear) EXTERIOR (corners, 4 sides and roof, generator.)
  • Provide a place for inspection and appraisal with access to shore power and water.

By sharing what we learned from past experiences to face future disasters, we can leap beyond yesterday’s wisdom. Suggestions to improve are always welcome. ~ Thanks for visiting!